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📷 The Best Instagram Analytics Tools

And Metrics To Track

Madison Crane, Project Manager

10 November 2020

To be a social media influencer, you have to know who you are influencing! But there are several things that go into determining your target demographic.

  • Post Timing
  • Image/Video Content
  • Polls
  • Email Outreach
  • And Giveaways…

…to name a few.

How do you know what kind of media to post, and how do you know when to post it? Well, the simple answer is, duh, “Social Media Analytics”. But analytics isn’t so simple.

In today’s day and age, there are hundreds of spam third-party apps, extensions, and programs that are just looking to make a quick buck and do very little for helping you determine the value of your data. In 2019 and 2020, Instagram has worked tirelessly to root out these third-party pretenders so that social media influencers could have only the best Insta-worthy tools.

We’ve researched the top 2 Instagram-analytics tools so that you can start refining your Instagram analytics and turn that data into marketable content.

Insta Insights

Obviously, the very first one should be Instagram’s own analytics tool.

Insta Insights is a free, easy-to-comprehend tool that gives you a live overview of how your content is performing. It monitors your audience demographics, your highest online vs. offline times, what posts generate the most hearts, and which posts generate the most comments. These post insights will help you streamline your research into what content your niche likes and which posts are not generating the leads you’re hoping for.

As an added bonus, Insights will give you information on how people found your posts as well.

To access this social media analytics tool, you’ll need to create a free business account.

Schedult’s Personal Dashboard

A personalized dashboard is becoming an absolute must among bloggers, social media influencers, and side-hustlers alike. Our tool in particular can be used to schedule your content releases across multiple online platforms. By using the information from Insights, you are able to time out your posts so they deliver at peak hours—even if you are sleeping.

However, the metrics don’t stop there.

Our analytics will also show you data from past posts, compare metrics over specific data periods, allow you to customize your data reports, and monitor your posts’ performance rates.

It offers a major overview of information that deepens the richness of the information provided by Insta Insights. Using the two tools in tandem will really up your Insta game, by allowing you to reach far deeper into your demographic audience’s targeted interests.

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