Some examples of our work

We can understand you want to see some examples of our work before engaging in your Schedult subscription. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions or to schedule a demo.


Content Subjects

We dedicate time to research your business, industry and image to create the best content for you.

Here are the different types of content we’ll be posting for your business. We can always discuss specific types that work for your type of industry and which ones you’d rather not have.

Product Features

We bring your unique features and product/service offerings to social media.

Industry Insights

We research reports and articles about your business to create interesting content.


Quotes by famous people in your industry, your customers, employees or yourself.

Industry News

We’re staying up to date with the space around you to post the news that’s relevant.


Did you know the largest candybar weighs 300kg? Easy, engaging content for socials.

Customer Reviews

Creating social proof by creating content from customer reviews and testimonials.

Industry Statistics

Much like ‘Industry Insights’, only focused on statistics, easier to read for your followers.


Bringing your blogposts to social media again is key to deliver value to visitors.

Content Examples

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Native Images

Native images will be adjusted to your brands colors, fonts and logos to perfectly match the feed and branding you have. They will be based on special events, special days, news, interesting statistics or any other content your customers like to see.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Articles and Links to site

Even though the algorithms of social media like Facebook punish you when guiding people to external websites, it’s still important to create some variety in your social media content. We’ll post news articles from within your industry, links to your website or blog and other external links with interesting content.


Instagram Reposts

Instagram is the most visual social network out there and should be treated like one. We will post perfect images fitting your brand and feeling, along with the native images and videos that will be posted on your other social channels.


Schedult takes care of your daily social media posts for a flat monthly price. Quality content, daily delivered to all your social media channels.

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